Product Portfolio Overview

Axlen Product High Lights

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Axlen has filed over 15 US and international patents to protect its core technologies and developed a three-pronged product strategy based upon market needs: edge lit LED panels for new construction and specialized applications, T8 LED tubes and replacement bulbs for retrofit projects, and control systems to further optimize energy savings and for compliance with progressive LEED building codes (such as CA Title 24).  All Axlen products feature LEDs from global tier one manufacturers and adhere to the strictest industry standards (DesignLights Consortium®, Ligthingfacts®, and/or EnergyStar) and electrical safety/compliance.

e-SolisTM: Axlen’s edge lit LED panels are the ultimate luminaires for new construction and retrofit office projects, offering an industry-leading efficacy of >150 lm/W in an elegant low profile with a smooth lighting distribution, full dimming capabilities, straight forward integration into smart lighting control systems, and specialized versions for high-bay and architectural lighting needs.


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eZ-seriesTM: Axlen’s next generation LED T8 tubes, providing the most cost-effective option for retrofitting existing fluorescent tube troffers with full dimming capabilities, offering energy savings up to 60% with >140 lm/W efficacy and cutting installation times by over 75% with a unique pig-tail connection to maximize project ROI.

Replacement LED bulbs: Axlen’s direct replacement LED bulbs for retrofitting existing fixtures energy savings up to 85%.

CLEONTM: Axlen’s smart lighting control system, offering further energy savings through task tuning, daylight harvesting, motion sensing, etc in compliance with CA Title 24 requirements and full compatibility with all e-Solis panels and eZ-tubes.

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