LED Lights for Indoor Growing

The agricultural technology to optimize your grow operation, from seed to harvest.

Through the development of LED lights for indoor growing, remote sensor networks, and artificial intelligence platforms, we are working to enhance the economics of growing plants within controlled environments. Whether your focus is microgreens, cannabis, or vegetables, use the resources below to see how the AxlenGro Solution can help you increase plant production and decrease inputs.

LED Lights for Vertical Growing

From Chicago to Singapore, vertical farming is changing how fresh produce is grown, delivered, and consumed. And while production from vertical farms still represents just a fraction of global food production, we believe the market is approaching an inflection point. With the economics of vertical farming at heart, we research, develop, and build lighting systems to support the work being done by large-scale, vertical growers.

With a height of just over two inches, our 2’ x 2’ fixture was designed specifically for use in close-quarters, multi-stack operations. This design, combined with 194-watt input power and a passive heatsink, means that the fixture delivers photonic energy with unprecedented spatial uniformity while minimizing radiant heart – allowing for Axlen fixtures to be placed just inches from the plant canopy. Featuring both spectrum and intensity tunability, the same lighting system is well suited for plants requiring high and low, daily light integral (DLI) levels.

LED Lights for Growing Cannabis

For decades, cannabis operations have relied on HPS, HID, fluorescent, and full-spectrum LED grow lights to provide the photons needed for photosynthesis. While these solutions can provide the required PPFD to the plant canopy, they do so at the expense of sky-high wattage requirements and electrical costs.

It’s with this in mind that we developed our 194-watt, 2’ x 2’ fixture. Designed for cannabis operations seeking to lower input costs and enhance production, this fixture uses the industry’s most efficient LED chip to generate PPFD levels comparable to 600, 800, and 1000-watt fixtures available on the market. In addition to high PPFD output, spectrum tunability allows you to deliver a blend of blue, deep red, and far-red wavelengths with high uniformity to maximize cannabinoid development and yield during every grow cycle.

LED Lights for Hydroponics

When it comes to hydroponic systems, there are a huge number of grow mediums to choose from. We’ve made the process of choosing a light very simple, as our AxlenGro Solution is perfectly compatible with wick systems, deep water culture (DWC), nutrient film technique (NFT), ebb and flow, aeroponic, and drip systems.

When speaking with hydroponic growers, one of the largest challenges we hear about is temperature control. Many times, this is a result of the radiant heat generated by conventional lighting systems or poor HVAC controls. We took this feedback, and developed an LED light that draws less than 200 watts, features a passive heatsink, and still provides PPFD levels found in 600-watt and 1000-watt fixtures on the market.

LED Lights for Greenhouse Growing

For greenhouse growers looking to maintain production schedules, accelerate grow cycles, and improve copy quality, supplemental lighting from LED grow lights is a natural choice. By using supplemental lights, growers can “smooth” the PPFD received to plants on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. For growers at high latitudes, this means crops can be planted earlier in the spring and harvested later into the fall. At lower latitudes, supplemental lighting can be used as a tool to optimize daily light integral (DLI) levels during extended periods of cloud cover.

Designed with the greenhouse grower in mind, Axlen grow lights come in two lighting configurations: a patented, 50-degree photon beam and a 110-degree photon beam. Since these fixtures conform to all European glare standards, eye safety is paramount, making Axlen fixtures some of the best equipment for your greenhouse supplemental lighting needs. Last but certainly not least, an aluminum alloy frame and 10-year warranty mean these fixtures are constructed to withstand even the most demanding greenhouse environments.

LED Lighting Solutions

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