LED Grow Lights For Cannabis


Choosing the right grow lights to help you achieve maximum yield and minimum growth time for your cannabis crop can help you achieve the results that you have been looking for.

For many years, the focus has been on conventional, inefficient lighting solutions that consume large amounts of energy. Recent updates in LED lighting technology have allowed for more efficient LED lighting to replace outdated, conventional lighting solutions. This recent uptrend in lighting technology has led to a flooded marketplace for horticulture lighting and has resulted in several different makes and models available to the general public. New and better technology, along with the industries leading warranty means Axlen fixtures are the LED light of choice for cannabis operations.

A leader in cannabis LED lighting, Axlen puts the agricultural technology of tomorrow on a tested, proven platform.

How we’re different:

Less Power Use and More Efficiency

Many conventional grow light setups require the use of 600, 800, and even 1000 watts or more of power to equal the light output of a single 150 to 200-watt LED fixture. While it may not seem like much on the surface, when you consider how many hours a day your light will actually be on to achieve the results that you are looking for, it adds up in a hurry. Modern LED fixtures are able to produce a much higher photon output to the surface of your plants, giving them the light needed to sustain higher levels of growth.

Spectrum Control for Optimal Growth Results

Traditional fluorescent, HID, or HPS lighting for use in horticulture required different fixtures, bulbs, and filters to achieve different results at various points in a plants growth cycle. To eliminate the need for many different lights, the LED lighting available from Axlen produces a controllable spectrum of light in tunable blue, deep red, and far red to give your plants the optimal light for their specific needs. By simply tuning your fixture for deep red when vegetative growth is desired, blue for compactness and hardening, and far red for flower formation, you can achieve optimal growth. The correct usage of light spectrum in horticultural light fixtures will result in plants that are full and bright and not tall and thin when only cool light is used or short and squat when warm light is used.

Designed for Ease of Spacing

The importance of lighting design in horticulture is not strictly limited to the durability of construction, it also requires significant engineering to produce optimal use of generated light and ease of spacing for use. The LED grow lights produced by Axlen are built to give you the absolute best of both worlds in a single fixture. The use of our patented waveguide technology provides a uniform block of energy to the plant canopy, accelerating photosynthesis and eliminating “hot spots” that can limit yield. Placing Axlen’s 2’ x 2’ panel just two feet above the plant canopy provides photons to 16 square feet of grow space.

Controllable Lighting Density and Duration

The ability to control the density of the light focused on your plants helps achieve optimal growth without overheating the plant itself. Through the use of innovative technology, like light diffusion, paired with the ability to control light intensity from 0 to 100% of available flux, Axlen has produced an LED lighting option that gives you the ability to tune your lights to a particular application rather than being stuck with an out of the box horticultural light with no flexibility.

Quality matters when it comes to lighting.

After doing your research, when you start budgeting for your particular growing space, understanding the difference between cheap fixtures and quality fixtures when it comes to price is key to getting the kind of results that you are looking for. While inexpensive fixtures might be the first thing that you notice due to their low price tag, they are not ultimately a long-term solution in most situations. Choosing quality fixtures from a reputable manufacturer like Axlen can help you sustain affordability and quality of growth throughout the lifetime of the fixture. When backed with our industry leading 10-year warranty, you know that we stand behind our products, not just for the short term, but for the long haul. We are dedicated to our craft just like you and it shows in the lighting products that we produce.