LED Grow Lights for Greenhouses

If you are in the market for high-quality LED grow lights for your greenhouse growing operation, having the ability to increase your overall yield while reducing operational can be a significant difference than just getting by and realizing the results that you are looking for.

Choosing the right lights from a reputable manufacturer is a great way to start out on the right foot. Whether your greenhouse growing operation is large or small, choosing the right LED lighting is as easy as browsing the website of Axlen. We offer innovative lighting, cutting-edge features, and controls built from high-quality materials utilizing reliable full spectrum LED lighting technology. These lights are suitable for all growing operations, including greenhouse settings of all varieties. Our light fixtures are sure to impress and are built to perform right out of the box, regardless of which model you choose. Take a closer look at those we have available, and feel free to contact us to discuss a project that you may have in mind.

A leader in greenhouse LED lighting, Axlen puts the agricultural technology of tomorrow on a tested, proven platform.

Learn why we’re different:

Affordability down to the Watt

In the greenhouse growing setting, choosing LED grow lighting that allows for continued growth during short solar days and subpar lighting levels is a must. For many years, the use of conventional lighting was the only option. However, fluorescent, HID, and HPS lighting are neither efficient nor optimal for the levels of growth that most people prefer in this setting. Depending on the size of your particular greenhouse and whether it is for personal or commercial use, the use of large quantities of electricity spread over extended periods of time is needed to achieve plant growth at a level that is consistent with, or greater than, ambient daylight during longer growing seasons. Larger greenhouses require large numbers of lights spread across the entire greenhouse so that each individual plant gets the specific light that it needs to grow successfully. In many cases, the use of the familiar and traditional linear fluorescent lighting required wattage in excess of 600, 800, and even 1000 watts to achieve optimal light levels throughout the greenhouse environment. The introduction of LED lighting to the market has resulted in the use as little as 150 to 200 watts to achieve optimal lighting levels. This is largely due to LED fixtures putting out higher-quality light at a lower operating wattage throughout the use of chips, diodes, and drivers that are specific to horticultural activities. What this means to you is a considerable reduction in operational costs per square foot, with greater yield as an outcome.

Intelligent Growth through Lighting Spectrum Application

Achieving optimal growth in a greenhouse environment results from the quality, intensity, and wavelength of light that reaches your plants. To achieve optimal results, having the ability to adjust individual light fixture wavelength out of each fixture in your greenhouse gives you the ability to achieve greater results throughout the growing process. Traditional linear fluorescent lighting that necessitates changing bulbs at different points in your plants’ growth to achieve better results means an increase in time, cost, and overhead to your operation to achieve desired results. Choosing LED light fixtures from Axlen gives you the ability  to control the spectrum and wavelength of light that is emitted from your fixtures. That is better suited for optimal plant growth in tunable blue, deep red, and far red to give your plants the light that they need at different phases of growth. This unique ability to control the tuning of your Axlen fixture for deep red when vegetative growth is desired, blue for compactness and hardening, and far red for flower formation. Intelligent growth and the correct usage of this controllable light spectrum in vertical grow light applications can result in optimal results for greenhouse growing operations big and small.

Lights that are Perfect for your Greenhouse

When it comes to lighting that is capable and perfected for greenhouse growing operations, LED lighting from Axlen is the way to go. Whether you are growing outdoors in lower temperatures requiring lighting that is more responsive than traditional lighting or fighting decreased or area-specific lighting requirements, LED lighting can make a world of difference. In the greenhouse environment, choosing the right lighting layout to produce optimal coverage throughout lanes or edges is key to increasing yield and reducing potential “hot spots” in your greenhouse. Axlen light fixtures feature excellent durability, quality materials, and hardware, as well as high-quality LED chips and diodes used throughout. Upon installation, you will see that the LED fixtures from Axlen Inc pretty much sell themselves time and time again. We offer many innovative features like our patented waveguide technology that provides a uniform block of energy to the plant canopy, thus resulting in accelerated photosynthesis, as well as the elimination of “hot spots”. The result is reduced damage to greenhouse plants over the duration of the growing period. It is as simple as placing lights at two feet above the plant canopy to achieve an efficient light density for up to 16 square feet of greenhouse growing space

Uniquely Suited for Every Application

When it comes to greenhouse grow lighting, having the ability to control the density and duration of the lights used for plant growth can make a major difference in operations both big and small. The LED light fixtures available from Axlen incorporate the use of an innovative light diffusion technology, as well as controllable light intensity from range from 0 to 100% of available flux per fixture. You will also have the ability to control the duration that your lights are on for truly optimal growing conditions for each stage of your plants’ lifespan.