LED Grow Lights for Vertical Growing

Choosing the right LED grow lights to increase your yield in confined spaces can make the difference between your growing operation being productive and simply lighting up your growing space.

Axlen produces some of the most innovative, high quality, and reliable LED grow lights available on the market today. Simply take a look at a few of the options that we have available on our website or give us a call and let us help you design the perfect lighting system for your vertical growing operation.

A leader in LED lighting for vertical growing, Axlen puts the agricultural technology of tomorrow on a tested, proven platform.

How we’re different:

A More Energy Efficient Way to Achieve Optimal Growth

Traditionally, large-scale vertical growing operations have used large quantities of electricity to achieve plant growth at a level that is consistent with or greater than ambient daylight. High levels of vertically stacked layers reaching many feet up into the air or vertically inclined surfaces making use of confined spaces require lighting at all levels so that each plant gets the light that it needs to grow. The use of traditional fluorescent lighting in the neighborhood of 600, 800, and even 1000 watts has been used to accomplish this feat in years past. Modern LED lighting now provides an alternative with the use of 150 to 200-watt LED fixtures that put out higher-quality light at lower wattages. When you are operating grow lights for periods of 12 hours a day or more, the energy savings can add up in a hurry. The LED lighting from Axlen is able to produce a much higher PPFD to the direct surface of the plants throughout your vertical growing operation, thus giving them the much-needed light to sustain higher levels of growth.

Full Lighting Spectrum Control at your Fingertips

To achieve the greatest results possible, vertical growing operations require the ability to control the wavelength of the light during each phase of plant growth. The use of conventional lighting in this type of operation required the use of many different fixtures, bulbs, and light colors to achieve optimal growth due to the absence of ambient daylight. To streamline the process and decrease the manual labor included in changing bulbs and fixtures, the LED light fixtures available from Axlen provide a controllable spectrum of light suited for optimal plant growth by providing tunable blue, deep red, and far red to give your plants the light that they need at different phases of growth. Axlen offers you the ability to control the tuning of your fixture for deep red when vegetative growth is desired, blue for compactness and hardening, and far red for flower formation. Intelligent growth and the usage of this controllable light spectrum in vertical grow light applications will result in optimal results.

Spaced Perfect For Vertical Growing Operations

In vertical growing operations, there are plenty of variables that must be taken into consideration when it comes to designing your lighting layout to produce optimal coverage. You need to take into account the durability of construction of the fixtures themselves, the quality of LED chip and diode being used in the lights, and the use of quality material in light construction to provide years of continued use and minimal maintenance costs. We offer our patented waveguide technology that provides a uniform block of energy to the plant canopy, thus accelerating photosynthesis and eliminating the presence of “hot spots” that can result in damage to your plants.