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Axlen’s e-Solis™ edge-lit LED panels represent a major breakthrough in design innovation and the future of solid-state lighting. They are the perfect lighting source for commercial and industrial office buildings, retail space, conference centers, hospitalities, and classrooms, offering significant improvements in lighting quality and energy savings.

  • Energy saving of 60% or more vs. fluorescent sources (up to 150 lm/W)
  • Elegant low profile (0.5″ ultra-thin frame)
  • Smooth lighting distribution with directional output options
  • Simple and safe connectivity
  • No UV or unwanted heat
  • Compatible with all intelligent lighting controls (CA Title 24)
  • Unique remote control capability
  • Full industry compliance: UL/cUL, FCC, CE, DLC Premium, LM79, LM80 LEDs
  • Complete range of color temperatures and lumen outputs (3,000 lm; up to 38,000 lm)
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Series: Supa-Lumen

Designed for High-Bay Applications / Download Spec Sheet

ModelDimensionsInput (VAC)WattageBeam AngleOutput LightEfficacyCRICCT
AX-PL2-100W40K2ft x 2ft100-27794W110°11660 lm125 lm/W844000K (neutral)
AX-PL2-100W50K2ft x 2ft100-27794W110°12370 lm131 lm/W825000K (cool)
AX-PL2-100W40K-D2ft x 2ft100-27794W50°10240 lm105 lm/W854000K (neutral)
AX-PL2-100W50K-D2ft x 2ft100-27794W50°11060 lm115 lm/W825000K (cool)
AX-PL4-150W40K2ft x 4ft100-277144W110°19070 lm133 lm/W854000K (neutral)
AX-PL4-150W50K2ft x 4ft100-277145W100°19630 lm135 lm/W825000K (cool)
AX-PL4-150W40K-D2ft x 4ft100-277144W50°15330 lm115 lm/W854000K (neutral)
AX-PL4-150W50K-D2ft x 4ft100-277145W50°16750 lm122 lm/W825000K (cool)
Series: Skylite

Designed for: High-Bay Applications / Download Spec Sheet

ModelDimensionsInput (VAC)WattageBeam AngleOutput LightEfficacyCRICCT
AXHB-PL2-150W40K2ft x 2ft100-277146W110°17240 lm117 lm/W824000K (neutral)
AXHB-PL2-150W50K2ft x 2ft100-277145W110°17810 lm122 lm/W825000K (cool)
AXHB-PL2-200W40K2ft x 2ft100-277196W110°21960 lm112 lm/W824000K (neutral)
AXHB-PL2-200W50K2ft x 2ft100-277197W110°23350 lm118 lm/W825000K (cool)
AXHB-PL4-200W40K2ft x 4ft100-277185W110°23040 lm125 lm/W834000K (neutral)
AXHB-PL4-200W50K2ft x 4ft100-277191W110°24590 lm128 lm/W845000K (cool)
AXHB-PL4-250W40K2ft x 4ft100-277250W110°29310 lm117 lm/W854000K (neutral)
AXHB-PL4-250W50K2ft x 4ft100-277250W110°30840 lm122 lm/W855000K (cool)
AXHB-PL4-300W40K2ft x 4ft100-277300W110°35470 lm115 lm/W854000K (neutral)
AXHB-PL4-300W50K2ft x 4ft100-277300W110°38050 lm123 lm/W855000K (cool)
Series: Impact

Designed for: Low-Bay Applications

Download Spec Sheets: 2x2 Spec Sheet, 2x4 Spec Sheet

ModelDimensionsInput (VAC)WattageBeam AngleOutput LightEfficacyCRICCT
AX-PLE2-32W30K2ft x 2ft100-27729W110°3700 lm128 lm/W843000K (warm)
AX-PLE2-32W40K2ft x 2ft100-27729W110°3820 lm132 lm/W824000K (neutral)
AX-PLE2-32W50K2ft x 2ft100-27729W110°4120 lm143 lm/W825000K (cool)
AX-PLE2-50W30K2ft x 2ft100-27746W110°5400 lm117 lm/W843000K (warm)
AX-PLE2-50W40K2ft x 2ft100-27746W110°5820 lm128 lm/W824000K (neutral)
AX-PLE2-50W50K2ft x 2ft100-27746W110°6030 lm131 lm/W825000K (cool)
AX-PLE4-32W30K2ft x 4ft100-27728W110°3690 lm132 lm/W843000K (warm)
AX-PLE4-32W40K2ft x 4ft100-27729W110°3860 lm135 lm/W824000K (neutral)
AX-PLE4-32W50K2ft x 4ft100-27729W110°3900 lm136 lm/W825000K (cool)
AX-PLE4-50W30K2ft x 4ft100-27744W110°5500 lm125 lm/W833000K (warm)
AX-PLE4-50W40K2ft x 4ft100-27746W110°5770 lm127 lm/W824000K (neutral)
AX-PLE4-50W50K2ft x 4ft100-27746W110°5900 lm129 lm/W825000K (cool)


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