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The next generation of our LED lighting T8 retrofit solutions – offering the industry-leading lighting performance that you currently enjoy from Axlen T8 tubes… but with a reduced installation time of over 75% into existing troffers.

  • Energy saving of 50% or more vs. fluorescent tubes (up to 150 lm/W)
  • No need to rewire or pre-kit tombstones
  • Perfect fit with existing tombstones in troffer
  • Straight-forward wiring to input AC
  • Simple and safe connectivity
  • Full industry compliance: UL/cUL, FCC, CE, DLC, LM79, LM80 LEDs
  • CA Title 24 compliant with full 0-10V dimming control
  • US Patent Pending
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Download Spec Sheets: 2ft Spec Sheet, 4ft Spec Sheet

ModelLengthInput (VAC)WattageOutput LumensEfficacyCRICCT
AXEZ-T8E-2F12W40K2ft100-27710.3W1513 lm146 lm/W854000K (neutral)
AXEZ-T8E-2F12W50K2ft100-27710.4W1564 lm150 lm/W855000K (cool)
AXEZ-T8E-4F16W40K4ft100-27716W2213 lm141 lm/W854000K (neutral)
AXEZ-T8E-4F16W50K4ft100-27716W2258 lm143 lm/W855000K (cool)
AXEZ-T8E-4F23W40K4ft100-27721W2898 lm139 lm/W854000K (neutral)
AXEZ-T8E-4F23W50K4ft100-27721W3015 lm142 lm/W855000K (cool)
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Download Spec Sheets: 2ft Spec Sheet, 4ft Spec Sheet

ModelLengthInput (VAC)WattageOutput LumensEfficacyCRICCT
AXEZ-T8I-2F12W40K2ft100-27710.3W1513 lm147 lm/W854000K (neutral)
AXEZ-T8I-2F12W50K2ft100-27710.4W1564 lm150 lm/W855000K (cool)
AXEZ-T8I-4F16W40K4ft100-27714.5W1980 lm137 lm/W854000K (neutral)
AXEZ-T8I-4F16W50K4ft100-27714.5W2100 lm143 lm/W855000K (cool)
AXEZ-T8I-4F22W40K4ft100-27720W2590 lm130 lm/W854000K (neutral)
AXEZ-T8I-4F22W50K4ft100-27720W2740 lm137 lm/W855000K (cool)
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