Our team is focused on the science of horticultural lighting, so you can focus on bigger, more profitable grow cycles.


Tunability comes standard, allowing you to deliver a precise blend of blue, deep-red, and far-red light during every grow cycle.


Every fixture uses the industry’s most efficient LED chip to minimize kilowatt hours and radiant heat – leading to unparalleled energy efficiency.


Your investment is backed by a 10-year warranty and a team committed to the profitability of your operation.

Everything we build exists to enhance the economics of indoor growing.

The technology can be complex, but the mission is that simple.

Increase Production While Decreasing Inputs

When we combined the industry’s most efficient LED chip and our patented, waveguide technology, the result was an LED fixture that delivers more photosynthetic radiation to your plants using a fraction of the wattage required by conventional systems. As wattage and energy usage decrease, so too does radiant heat, allowing you to minimize the usage of HVAC controls, water, herbicides, and pesticides within your operation.

Make Every Photon Count

To provide value, a photon must land on a leaf. Photons hitting the walls or floor of your operation mean wasted energy and, therefore, dollars. To reduce this “photonic loss,” every Axlen fixture uses a patented, 50-degree photonic beam to direct energy where it is needed most: deep within the plant canopy, covering every leaf, stem, and flower in a uniform field of photosynthetic energy.

Provide The Right Wavelength At The Right Time

As we know, the number of photons delivered to the plant canopy is just one part of the growth equation. More and more, wavelength control is being recognized as an important tool to control plant development, increase yield, and enhance the production of high-value botanicals. Our proprietary CLEON™ control provides a simple way to control the wavelength of light generated, the intensity of this light, and photoperiod.

Don’t Settle For “Hot Spots” or “Dark Spots”

To deliver high levels of photosynthetic radiation, conventional light fixtures aim LED chips directly at the plant canopy. As a result, “hot spots” and “dark spots” are created on leaves, damaging plant fibers where photonic energy is high and limiting photosynthetic yield where photonic energy is low. We have taken an innovative approach, by side-mounting LED chips within the fixture and passing photons through our patented waveguide before reaching the plant. This waveguide effectively blends the photons created, providing a uniform field of light wavelength and intensity to the entire grow bed.

Optimize Every Grow Cycle

Replicating sunlight within indoor environments is the very beginning of our work. The next step, underway now, is the development of technologies which use computer vision, integrated sensor networks, and artificial intelligence to radically improve the economics of indoor growing. Built into every Axlen fixture, this technology will measure crop quality in real-time, analyze this data, and provide specific input recommendations for your operation.


Soon, every fixture will contain a sensor network designed to measure crop quality and ambient grow conditions in real-time. Grow smarter, not harder, using the power of big data and artificial intelligence.